98 Degrees stopped through to chat with Cubby and Cindy and It felt like the '90s again. Drew went on to joke that "In certain ways yes, but in other ways, the knees, the back, we feel like we’re 90."

It seems like all of the boy bands are getting back together these days and when Cubby went on to ask them how they decided to come back, Drew went on to say: "That’s been happening over the past couple of years. We’d get together and talk and be like alright let’s do this. We all decided that we wanted to do it, it was just a matter of the right time. Luckily it just all kinda happened where last summer we were able to get back together and we did the Today Show performance and we did Mix Tape in Hershey and we were like this really feels right. Everyone just committed to doing it and putting time aside. "

Jeff added that "We’re seeing the reaction from New Kids and how everyone been ingratiated with them and everything like that and also Backstreet Boys and stuff like that so we decided maybe it was the right time for us to do it. If not now probably never.

The new single Microphone is out now of their brand new album 2.0 out May 7th. Check out the song below.