Demi Lovato stopped through to chat with Cubby and Cindy. Amongst the most interesting things that came up was Demi’s fascination with tattoos and how they are so addictive to get. Her latest tattoo is a flock of birds on her forearm that was done by Kat Von D.

Cindy asked her what she would tell her fans how to stay strong as one of her tattoos says. Demi went on to say "You have to take time to focus on yourself and really love yourself before you can go on and accomplish the things that you want."

Demi’s new album will be out May 14th and it’s self-titled "Demi". She mentioned that this project is "The best representation of an album that I’ve been able to put out. There’s a bunch of really catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head."

Check out the interview below!