The internet went into a FRENZY yesterday.. for good reason. When word gets out that "Friends" will be coming back for a reunion Season in 2014, it's a dream come true for MILLIONS. 

The latest update from E! News is that ["show co-creator Marta Kauffman tells that there's no truth to the latest rumor of the cast coming together for another season of the show."]

BUT hey, she techinically is NOT NBC...but allegedly word also came out that the NBC confirmation report yesterday was just a rumor, AKA the evilest hoax EVER?!

We can't deny or confirm anything right now but we can be sure that we, along with EVERYONE, are just hoping for a little more of this in our lives again:

**Original Report**

SO no one told you life was gunna be this way?! Clap clap clap clap! 

Seriously keep on clapping because this deserves a round of applause. NBC has just officially announced (allegedly) they will launch a new season of Friends in 2014 for a comeback reunion!

At this point no one knows if it will feature the original cast or not but the idea of a "Friends" reunion is closer than ever! 

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