1. How do I win?

Easy -- the individual user who gets the most votes! Important: users must be eligible to win by passing all the qualifications explained in the rules.

2. How do I get more votes?

When you initially register you will receive a link (or URL) to your very own fan page. This link is special in that it only leads users to the explanation why YOU should win this contest. Whoever gets the most individuals to click this link and vote will win.

3. What can I do to get more votes?

Share this link with all of your friends and family. We don't care who votes for you, we just want to find out who will end up with the most votes!

4. How many votes can I get?

There is no limit to the number of votes. However, each individual who is voting for your particular reason to win is limited to one per day.

5. How do I see how I'm doing?

Because of the volume of votes we get, we do not display a live count of the votes.  However, if available, a leaderboard will be linked from the main contest page so you can see where you stand, by way of rank, compared to other contestants. Please note that this leaderboard is for entertainment purposes only and may be removed at anytime without advanced notice.

6. What if I lose my custom link?

On the contest page there is a search function -- simply enter your name or email and we will share your custom link with you!

7. Can I edit or delete my entry?

Once an entry has been submitted it can not be edited or deleted. Please review all information in your entry for errors prior to submitting.

8. What if I think someone's cheating?

We take the integrity of this contest very seriously.  Cheating or the use of automated bots or the like is not permitted.  We have multiple levels of security and tracking in place to prevent fraudulent votes from being recorded.

9. How do I know if I have won?

At the conclusion of this contest if you are selected as the winner you will be notified by our Promotions department via a phone call and/or by email.