We saw such an incredibly amazing story in the Marine Corps Times about Marine Corps veteran William Kyle Carpenter, now 24, who risked his own life in 2010 as a 21-year-old to save his friend. William will be the third Medal of Honor recipient for the Marines since the start of the wars in the Middle East.

Carpenter's injuries were serious - he lost his right eye, suffered a fractured nose, destroyed his lower jaw and cheekbones, and has scars from the grenade's explosion. His inspiring story of heroism and friendship has gone viral - the Facebook page documenting the road to his recovery has over 13,000 likes!

So, what does he have to say?

The modest hero told reporters, "I'm still here and kicking and, you know, I have all my limbs so you'll never hear me complain."

Read more about Carpenter's story and watch the clip of his interview: