Malala Yousafzai, the 16-year-old Pakistani advocate for womens rights and access to education, appeared on the Daily Show this week, ahead of Friday's pending announcement for the 2013 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Malala bravely took steps as an activist against the Taliban's tactics in her home to stop women's education. At only 14 years old, a Talib man stepped on her bus and mercilessly shot her in the head. Yousafzai amazingly made a full recovery, and has since them become an incredibly recognized human rights leader.

"You don't realize the power of anything until it is snatched from your hands," she says of having her education taken from her.

At one point in her interview with Jon Stewart, she literally leaves him speechless - he asks her how she reacted when she learned that the Taliban wanted her dead, and her answer was astounding and inspiring.

Watch below: