Whether you think it's a great promotional idea or just a dig at Mayor Bloomberg, you have to admit the 25-pound cupcake called "The Mayor" is an impressive sight. The owners of House of Cupcakes revealed the impressive piece of dessert during the opening of their West Village shop on Thursday.

The cupcake made headlines after Mayor Bloomberg reacted unfavorably to the 35,800 calorie treat. The giant cupcake, which pokes fun at Bloomberg's anti-obesity campaign, includes a picture of an unhappy looking mayor on top of it. According to The Huffington Post, Mayor Bloomberg called the pastry exhibit, “One of the dumbest things people have done."

So we know Mayor Bloomberg isn't a fan, but the owners Ron and Ruthie Bzdewka certainly got a lot of free publicity from the stunt.

Photo Credit: Facebook (House of Cupcakes)