(Rebecca Fishbein) It's not just City Hall that's waging war against obesity; a Brooklyn man who says his medication made him balloon up to 350 pounds claims he was fired from his frame shop job for being obese. Now, he's suing his boss for discrimination.

Seth Bogdanove, 52, told the Post he'd been working at Frame It In Brooklyn in Sunset Park since 1994, but left five years ago because of health-related issues; Bognadove has Crohn's Disease, a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the gastrointestinal tract. He was offered a part-time gig back at the store in December; when he showed up 150 pounds heavier than he'd been when he left, his boss, Jerry Greenberg looked at him and said, "Oh my God, what happened to you, you got so fat!" Then, according to the complaint, Greenberg gave Bogdanove the boot, claiming he "wouldn't fit between the aisles."

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Photo: bikeriderlondon/Shutterstock