The Daily Meal released their ranking of "The 40 Best Burgers in America" Wednesday. New York City pulled in three of the top ten best burgers in the country according to the list.

The Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern came in ranked as the second best burger in the country and the highest ranking burger in NYC. The Chargrilled Burger at The Spotted Pig came in at number three and the Bacon Cheese Burger at The Little Owl took fifth place.

The Daily Meal ranked the burgers after compiling a list of their favorite burgers across the country and iconic burgers they've heard about but have yet to try. The website also surveyed some of the country's top chefs and food writers.

The Luger Burger from Peter Luger, the Bistro Burger from Corner Bistro, the Steak House Burger from Brindle Room and the Butter Burger from Lexington Candy Shop also made the list. For the complete list of "The 40 Best Burgers in America" you can go to

Photo: rvlsoft/Shutterstock