(John Del Signore) The Baruch College freshman who died from a head injury sustained during a hazing ritual was not brought to the hospital for at least two hours after he was rendered unconscious last weekend, according to police. Chun Hsien (Michael) Deng died last Monday during a trip to the Poconos with members of the Pi Delta Psi fraternity; investigators say he was fatally injured during a game called "Glass Ceiling."

During the game, Heng, 19, wore a blindfold and carried a 20-pound backpack filled with sand as he tried to make his way toward a fraternity member who called to him and other members pushed and shoved him. Police believe Heng fell over backwards and sustained the head injury.

According to a police affidavit obtained by NBC New York, "three students who first brought Deng to the hospital initially told police that the group was wrestling in the snow when the 19-year-old fell backwards and hit his head. The group said they brought him inside and laid him by the fire, but he did not wake up." Police say the fraternity members then spent hours Googling Deng's symptoms while disposing of fraternity items.

An autopsy revealed that Deng had no alcohol or drugs in his system. According to the affidavit, when he was finally delivered unconscious to the hospital, he had "scratches on his left hip and buttocks, a cut on his left wrist and bruising on his knees, a police affidavit said. He also had massive head trauma and was placed on life support."

Monroe County District Attorney E. David Christine has said that criminal charges are likely. Approximately 30 members of the fraternity were believed to be at the house, though some left before police arrived, and it's still unclear who caused Deng to fall backwards during the ritual.

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