According to a New York Times article written by Joseph Berger, residents in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn are concerned over the amount of day spas offering full-body massages popping up in town. The Times reports that six spas have opened on Fifth Avenue alone with as many as two dozen others throughout town. So why are residents worried about so many day spas starting in town? Well because they fear the spas are a cover for sex workers.

The local community board and Councilman Vincent Gentile have received complaints from residents and Gentile has asked the 68th Precinct and district attorney's sex-trafficking unit to investigate.

In the New York Times report, numerous spa owners said they only provide legitimate massage services and the allegations are false. It remains to be seen if an investigation will find anything or even take place, but until something is more is discovered, residents will continue to speculate.

Photo: DreamBig/Shutterstock