(Rebecca Fishbein) As promised, former President Bill Clinton swore Bill de Blasio in as the 109th NYC mayor today, praising the new administration and calling the de Blasios "our real modern family." And in his inaugural speech, de Blasio said he will strive to close the inequality gap that has seemingly widened citywide over the past few years, promising to make New York "One City."

The former president commended former Mayor Bloomberg for the work he did in his 12 years in office. "He leaves a city stronger and healthier than he found it," Clinton said. And he's looking forward to the de Blasio regime. "I strongly endorse Bill de Blasio's core campaign commitment that we have to have a city of shared opportunity, shared prosperity, shared responsibilities," Clinton said. "This inequality problem bedevils the entire country, and I can tell you from my work, much of the world. We cannot go forward if we don't do it together."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/STAN HONDA