Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has been at the forefront of protests to save Long Island College Hospital and other Brooklyn hospitals. De Blasio took his support to a new level Monday by proposing that New York set up a "super authority" to merge Brooklyn's failing hospitals into one profitable health care system, according to the New York Daily News.

De Blasio is proposing that the “Brooklyn Health Authority” be set up, consisting of city and state health officials, who would use federal money to bail out four of Brooklyn's cash starved hospitals. The Daily News reports that the "super authority" would have the power to fire any health officials who get in the way of the bail out.

De Blasio's proposal, titled "Saving Brooklyn's Hospitals," is the latest in moves by the Democratic mayoral candidate to try and keep the Brooklyn hospitals from shutting its doors. De Blasio recently filed a lawsuit against SUNY Downstate, which has delayed the closing of LICH.

Photo Credit: Getty Images