Mayor Bloomberg is not going down without a fight. Despite an appeals court upholding a decision to reject the city's ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces, Bloomberg insists that the fight against obesity must continue. The New York Daily News reports that Bloomberg plans on appealing the latest decision and hopes the city's next mayor continues to try to get the ban passed.

“Two thousand more Americans have died from obesity, just in the last few months,” Bloomberg said following the appeals court's decision. "So whoever comes after us is going to have to continue with this, or this carnage is just going to continue.”

Bloomberg's fight to get the ban on sugary drinks passed likely will extend beyond his tenure as mayor, so it would need to be continued by the city's next mayor. However, as the Daily News notes, a number of the mayoral candidates don't seem like big fans of the ban.

At least for now, New Yorkers can continue to drink their extra large sodas.

Photo Credit: Getty Images