(Ben Yakas) The nasty campaign for Brooklyn DA just took a turn for the dank: democratic DA candidate Ken Thompson vowed yesterday that if elected, he will order prosecutors to throw out nearly all cases involving less than 15 grams of pot. "These arrests are clogging the criminal-justice system," Thompson told the WSJ. This ought keep the Weed Fairy in business a little longer.

The NYPD has seemingly made good on their promise to cut back on meaningless low-level marijuana possession—arrests for weed possession are on track to fall by 20% in 2013, and police say that overall enforcement of marijuana laws are taking a back seat to drugs that can actually kill you (marijuana is, after all, the most popular, least deadly illegal drug in the whole world). Nevertheless, 12,732 people were arrested in Brooklyn last year for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/MARTIN BERNETTI