Teachers and students at the International High School in Brooklyn continued to mourn the tragic death of 16-year-old Jean Fritz Pierre on Tuesday. The New York Daily News reports that Pierre drowned Monday while on a class trip to Bear Mountain State Park.

48 high school students went on the hiking trip Monday with 11 supervisors consisting of five teachers, five chaperones, and one parent according to the Daily News. The students were reportedly told beforehand that there was no swimming allowed in Hessian Lake and the class trip was just for hiking.

Pierre and a friend reportedly ventured off and Pierre dove into the lake to get relief from the 90-degree heat. After about a 50 minute search, Pierre's body was found. Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott told the Daily News that class trip supervisors "followed protocol" and the Board of Education would be investigating the incident to find out exactly what happened. 

Photo: Anton Prado PHOTO/Shutterstock