The New York City Council is scheduled to vote today on a series of measures to improve traffic safety.

One of the 17 bills would create new slow zones around the city, where speed would be restricted to 20 mph.  Another measure would require the city to fix broken traffic signals within 24 hours.

"We expect these bills to pass and better protect our pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike," Ydanis Rodriguez, chairperson of the Transportation Committee told the New York Post.  "This is about saving lives."

Another piece of legislation is "Cooper's Law,"which would suspend the license of taxi and livery drivers if they kill or critically injure someone while breaking the law.  It's named for 9 year old Cooper Stock, who was killed by a cab in January on the Upper West Side. 

This is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero plan, which aims to reduce pedestrian deaths in New York City.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images