(NEWSER) – When police arrived at the DeMaio family's $7.3 million mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut, Tuesday night, they found Diane DeMaio lying unmoving in a bedroom-size closet, blood pooling around her, head resting on ice packs. "That monster hit her and she's dying," the 54-year-old's mother told police. She was referring to DeMaio's husband, Michael, who according to police confessed with "eerie calm" that he'd hit Demaio on the head and body with a baseball bat, Greenwich Timereports.

"I lost it, I just lost it," DeMaio said as police handcuffed him. The unemployed man allegedly flew into a rage when Diane, a nutritionist, said she was leaving him. Greenwich Time today reports that Diane suffered multiple skull fractures and is currently in a coma. Michael has been charged with attempted murder, but prosecutors say that could be upgraded to actual murder if Diane dies. The 55-year-old is being held on $1 million bond; even if he posts that, he'll be outfitted with a GPS ankle bracelet to keep him away from his wife. His public defender tells the AP, DeMaio is under "extreme emotional distress in terms of his personal life."

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