(Nell Casey) For one Manhattan dad, a trip to the Golden Arches will never be the same again. It goes like this: David Evan Schorr just wanted a nice one-on-one meal with his 5-year-old son, whom he sired with his now ex-wife, Bari Yunis Schorr, vice president of fancy members-only shopping site Rue La La. Schorr wanted to treat his son at their "usual restaurant" on October 30th, but the tyke "demanded to be taken to McDonald's," a request denied by a health-conscious father who thought his son was "eating too much junk food." And then, the discipline quandary faced by all parents: kowtow to a screaming brat or stick to your guns. Schorr chose the latter, to his peril, as it would turn out.

According to the Post, the tot tattled to mom, who in turn demanded Schorr submit to a forensic examination by UES shrink Marilyn Schiller as part of their ongoing custody battle. According to a lawsuit filed by Schorr, the shrink declared him "wholly incapable of taking care of his son" and suggested he should be stripped of his weekend visitations. Schorr's lawsuit seeks a refund on the $2,750 spent on the allegedly bogus evaluation; neither Schiller nor Mrs. Schorr's attorney would comment on the burger blowup.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Scott Olson