(Christopher Robbins) City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn portrays herself as a hard-nosed politician who gets things done. Her opponents paint her as a Bloomberg stooge who wants to perpetuate the mayor's vision for turning New York City into a "luxury product." The Daily News' endorsement of Quinn in today's paper plays right into the hands of her critics, saying she's the right candidate to "preserve the status quo" in a city where the spoils have been reserved for those of a rarified status.

The Daily News drops Bloomberg's name six times before they even mention their favored candidate.

"The Bloomberg era will end with crime lower than it has ever been, employment at a record level, neighborhoods reborn, the schools rescued from a culture of failure and an economy enlivened by cutting-edge high-tech enterprises. The streets are clean, the parks are in good shape and New Yorkers are living to riper, older ages."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images