Al Sharpton and the family of Eric Garner are meeting with the U.S. Attorney today, pushing for a federal investigation into Garner’s death.

It comes a day after Mayor de Blasio met with religious leaders at Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s home at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  The group was hoping to find solutions to ease tensions in the city following Garner’s death.  They’re also hoping to improve the relationship between the NYPD and the communities they serve.

“For our police the mission will be to protect and respect,” Mayor de Blasio said.  “We’ll say that over and over again, to protect and respect.”

Reverend Al Sharpton is planning a demonstration this weekend to protest the death of Garner.  A group will drive over the Verrazano Bridge and will then march to the office of Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan.

Mayor de Blasio said he will not march.


Photo Credit:  Getty Images