(Jen Chung) What kind of fool goes to a children's playground and starts firing a pellet gun—and then gives it to his daughter to aim at two-year-olds playing? The fool who was at the Ditmars Park in Astoria yesterday morning!

QueensMamas reports that on most morning, the playground is full of "toddlers riding scooters, digging in the dirt, playing ball or blowing bubbles. This morning, however, all that changed, when several 2-year olds had a plastic 38-caliber loaded pellet gun pointed at them. They became the target of a gun wielding 4-year old, whose father sat looking on, smiling while his daughter terrorized the children; in fact, it was the father who loaded the gun and fired shots at the tree before handing it over to his daughter."

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Photo: Sealstep/Shutterstock