(Rebecca Fishbein) More sexual harassment allegations are mounting against Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak. After three women came forward last week to accuse Gabryszak of sending them videos of the politician receiving oral sex and telling one he got a "boner" when he saw her (among other gross things), a fourth staffer has come forward to claim the Democrat repeatedly sexually harassed her, creating a "hostile and offensive work environment."

24-year-old Caitrin Kennedy, who still works for Gabryszak as his director of community relations, has accused the 62-year-old Gabryszak of repeatedly making salacious comments to her. At first, according to a notice of claim Kennedy filed this week, Gabryszak allegedly made comments about prostitutes and strip clubs, and suggested the two get a "couple's massage."

Then, according to the claim, Gabryszak became "more aggressive and frequent in his bizarre and sexually suggestive behavior." Kennedy says, for instance, that at an office dinner, the Assemblyman suggested she take photos with him while sitting on his lap, and asked her to "touch butts" with another female employee. She also alleges he engaged in discussion about her looks with other male legislators, and told her she should "become pregnant" when she told him she didn't have a boyfriend.

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