Governor Andrew Cuomo may be taking on his toughest task yet, political corruption. The New York Daily News reports that Cuomo will be announcing today (Tuesday) that he will be creating a special 25-member commission to investigate legislative corruption. The panel, created under the Moreland Act, will consist of top prosecutors who will have subpoena power to investigate corruption in Albany.

The bipartisan panel includes 10 district attorney's with the co-chairmen being Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, Syracuse District Attorney William Fitzpatrick and prominent lawyer Milton Williams.

Under the 1907 Moreland Act, the governor is given wide-ranging powers to investigate the executive branch of government. However, that does not include the legislature. According to the Daily News, Cuomo's new commission is expected to focus on the state's Board of Elections and campaign finance rules.

The last time Cuomo used the Moreland Act was in 2012 to investigate the utility companies’ response to Hurricane Sandy.

Photo Credit: Getty Images