(Jen Chung) The man accused of shooting a gay man in Greenwich Village on Friday in a hate crime allegedly told cops, "Yeah, I shot him in the head," while laughing. That's what prosecutors told a judge about Elliot Morales, who was charged with murder as a hate crime and criminal possession of a weapon in the death of Mark Carson.

Carson, 32, and his friend had been walking on Sixth Avenue near 8th Street when Morales, 33, started to harass them, saying, “Look at these faggots" and “What are you, gay wrestlers?” Carson and his friend kept walking along 8th Street to avoid confrontation, but Morales followed. Morales' friends had tried to convince him to stop but he refused, so they left. Then Morales reportedly asked Carson, "Do you want to die here?" before shooting him.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images