(John Del Signore) The NYPD and the NYC Medical Examiner's office have announced that the body parts recovered in College Point, Queens on January 16th belonged to missing autistic boy Avonte Oquendo, who was reported missing in October, 2013. A spokesperson for the Chief Medical Examiner tells us the cause of death has not yet been determined, and further studies are being conducted.

A 911 call tipped police off to the remains, which were found near Powell Cove Boulevard and Endeavor Place. Two legs, an arm and part of a torso were among the body parts found, and police later discovered what appeared to be a human jawbone.

Avonte was 14 years old when he was last seen running out of his Long Island City school on October 4th, 2013. Since he is autistic and cannot verbally communicate, there was an extensive search from the NYPD, MTA, and volunteers. A $95,000 reward was offered, to no avail.

One source told the Post Avonte "had a huge fear of dogs and was seen running from one... He may have run in a panic and fallen into the water." Another source told the Daily News, "It drops down all of a sudden, so if you’re running and you’re not careful, you can fall about 30 feet into the East River."

The spokesperson for the Medical Examiner could not say how long it would take to determine the cause of death.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images