(Jen Chung) The diplomat whose attempt to hire a nanny in New York catapulted the United States and India into an international incidenthas been indicted. Devyani Khobragade was charged with lying on a visa application for the nanny.

Prosecutors say that Khobragade's claim that she would pay the caretaker $4500/month was too high, given her salary and other income, and that she was actually just going to pay the woman $573/month—about $3.31 (or less)/hour based on excessive hours. Elected officials in India have taken offense to the fact that she was arrested and subject to a strip search and cavity search. U.S. diplomats in India have, in turn, been stripped of certain privileges and the U.S. embassy's security barriers (to prevent bombings) were removed.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/STRDEL