(Jen Chung) John Esposito, who was serving a 15 years-to-life sentence for his 2003 kidnapping of 10-year-old Katie Beers, was found dead in his cellat Sing Sing yesterday. Prison officials say he had appeared before the parole board for a hearing earlier in the day.

The death of Esposito, 64, is being investigated, but it doesn't look suspicious. Esposito had been denied parole four times since entering the prison 20 years ago.

Esposito had kidnapped Katie Beers and kept her chained in a coffin-like box in an underground bunker at his Bay Shore home for 17 days.

Esposito had gone to the police, telling them she went missing after he took her to a video arcade on December 28, 1992 (two days before her 10th birthday), but police were suspicious and Esposito eventually turned himself in.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Matthew Peyton