(Christopher Robbins) The mayor who was elected in large part because the police stopped and hassled too many New Yorkers on the street is now overseeing a nascent "crackdown" in which the police stop and hassle New Yorkers on the street.

To address a spate of pedestrian fatalities on the Upper West Side, yesterday the NYPD set up checkpoints on 96th Street to ensure that drivers were properly licensed. This news was buried underneath the photos of an 84-year-old man whose face was bloodied by police because he didn't understand that he was being cited for jaywalking.

Kang Chun Wong speaks Cantonese and Spanish and lives a block from where he illegally crossed the street. As he was being written up for jaywalking—one of ten $250 jaywalking citations issued, ostensibly to protect pedestrians—Wong started walking away, when he was halted by police. After he struggled with the cops, he was thrown to the ground, and later needed four staples in his head. The Post reports that Wong was charged with jaywalking, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images