Many questions are being asked after two American flags atop the Brooklyn Bridge were replaced with white flags.

Police don’t know who did this, why they did it, or how they were able to get past security.

“No matter what the motive was, that is a matter of concern,” Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said.  “I am not particularly happy about the event.”

The NYPD reported that the lights on the Brooklyn tower of the bridge were covered at 3:30 early yesterday morning.  Then the lights on the Manhattan tower were covered 13 minutes later.

When the sun came up yesterday morning, police were notified about the white flags.

“There’s some indication of some good deal of pre-operational planning,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner John Miller said.  “Perhaps some indication that they have experience climbing in construction or in bridge work or that they may have actually been up there before.”

The NYPD typically has two police cars stationed at either side of the bridge, but somehow they missed the vandalism.


Photo Credit: Getty Images