Friday morning (5/3) a new jobs report was released revealing what seemed like on the surface to be positive news. However, as Stuart Varney told WOR's John Gambling Monday morning, this new jobs report isn't as great as it seems. Varney, the host of "Varney & Co." on the Fox Business Network told "The John Gambling Show" that once he dug deeper he realized the report was the result of "Obamacare."

"278-thousand people were pushed into part-time work,” Varney explained. “They didn't want part-time, they wanted full-time, but they had to take part-time. What we're looking at here is the impact of Obamacare."

Varney told WOR 710 that as Obamacare approaches, employers are pushing their workers into part-time positions. "If you've got part-timers you don't have to provide health insurance under Obamacare, so you push them into part-time work, less than 30 hours a week and bingo you don't have to provide them health insurance," Varney said. Many people predicted Obamacare may lead to a nation of part-time workers and by the sound of Varney's interview on WOR this may be where the country is headed. You can listen to Stuart Varney on "The John Gambling Show" below.

Photo: YanLev/Shutterstock