(Rebecca Fishbein) Letitia "Tish" James was sworn in as the city's new Public Advocate today, and in her inaugural speech she wasted no time going after former Mayor Bloomberg's policies and legacy. Dasani Coates, the subject of a harrowing NY Times piece on homeless children in Bloomberg's New York, held the bible for James, who declared Dasani was her "new BFF."

With a stone-faced Bloomberg sitting in the front row, James criticized the city for a litany of its policies during Bloomberg's administration, including NYPD surveillance of Muslims, stop and frisk and income inequality. She also noted some of the city's failures during Bloomberg's 12 years in office, including the Department of Education's "race to the bottom" when it comes to standardized testing. She called Dasani up to the stage, holding her hand. "This Dasani Coates. You all read about her in the NY Times," James, who was previously the City Council Member representing Dasani's district of Fort Greene, said. "This is my new BFF."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/STAN HONDA