(Jen Chung) A new video shows the brutal beating of an SUV driver by a group of motorcyclists. Police are also seeking four more people in connection with the September 29 assault that occurred on the Henry Hudson Parkway.

Alexian Lien was driving his Range Rover when he got into a confrontation with a group of motorcyclists participating in the Hollywood Stuntz motorcycle ride. At one point, he hit motorcyclist Christopher Cruz. Lien stopped and the motorcyclists surrounded him, so Lien hit the gas and drove over Edwin Mieses, who is apparently paralyzed. The motorcyclists chased Lien and eventually started attacking his car at 178th Street—with his wife and baby daughter inside the vehicle. Lien was dragged out and then beaten and stomped by on by at least six motorcyclists.

A good Samaritan stopped them from continuing to beat Lien and others yelled at the motorcyclists not to attack Lien's wife or child. (Lien's wife said her husband had no choice but to drive over Mieses in order to flee from the motorcyclists' wrath.) Here's the new video of the assault—you can see a motorcyclist kicking someone and then you see Lien on the ground, surrounded by others. Then, good Samaritan Sergio Consuegra appears:

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Photo Credit: YouTube