Rachel Canning, the 18 year old New Jersey teen who sued her parents, is back at their Lincoln Park home.

"Everyone should be happy today.  This is a happy situation," said Angelo Sarno, an attorney for Sean and Elizabeth Canning.

The sides are apparently working to resolve their differences privately after Rachel sued her parents for living expenses, including her tuition.  She moved out of their home last year because she wouldn't follow the rules of her parents.  Publicly, the two sides disagreed over whether Rachel was kicked out or if she left voluntarily.

"At the end of the day, nothing good can come from this case.  Parents need to act like parents, kids need to listen to their parents and they need to decide things as they happen," said Sarno.

There's no word on what sparked the reconciliation.  Sarno said it did not happen because of any financial or other considerations.

The family is asking for privacy.  The lawsuit remains unsettled.