(Lauren Evans) Rape is rape—except when it's not, the State Senate seemed to conclude last month, when it ended its legislative session without passing a bill that would expand the definition of the term to include other types of sexual attacks. And no one was more crushed by this conclusion than 27-year-old Bronx teacher Lydia Cuomo, who in 2011 was brutally sodomized at gunpointby an off-duty NYPD cop as she waited for a ride to work.

Officer Michael Pena is serving a sentence of life in prison for sexual assault (not rape) after attacking the young teacher in an Inwood courtyard, forcing himself on her vaginally, orally and anally. But under current law, rape is defined only as vaginal penetration—anything else is deemed "sexual assault," a designation that Cuomo and her supporters do not believe sufficiently conveys the horror of the crime.

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