2013 NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is finding himself defending his record as a Congressman more and more as his campaign continues into the summer. The New York Times released a report Wednesday highlighting Weiner's inactivity in Congress as well as a high turnover rate among his staff.

According to the Times, in over 12 years in Congress, Weiner sponsored and wrote only one bill that he saw to passage. That bill was pushed by a friend of Weiner's family who also happened to donate thousands of dollars to Weiner's campaign.

The Times report also highlighted what it was like to work for Weiner. The article mentioned a number of occurrences from staff members of Weiner's showing the difficulty of working for the former congressman. For example, Weiner reportedly "asked aides to call air-traffic control to see if his plane could be moved up in the departure order." Weiner also reportedly became so angry with a staff member once he threw his salad up against the wall. The former congressman had the highest turnover rate among staff members in the New York City delegation.

The New York Times article, which doesn't portray Weiner in a very positive light, can be read in its entirety here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images