Several New York City restaurants including Applebee’s, Olive Garden and Red Lobster, are being named in a lawsuit over alleged deceptive billing practices, "CBS This Morning" reports.

The network posted images of an Olive Garden check with a line for an “automatic gratuity” of 18 percent added to the price of a meal, as well as a place to add an additional tip, regardless of the number of diners. An Applebee's check added a 17 percent automatic gratuity, saying it was "payable at guest's discretion."

“They want to squeeze that extra little dollar that they can out of everybody,” Evan Spencer, the lawyer who brought the $5.5 billion class action lawsuit, told CBS, adding, “A tip and a gratuity are exactly the same thing,”

New York City law says restaurants may not add surcharges to listed prices except for groups of eight or more.

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Photo: Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock