If you like to picture how the old NYC used to look check out the photo below of NYC's Chelsea Piers in 1912. Reddit user But_Wait_Theres_More posted the photo on imgur showing a very different Chelsea Piers than we know now.

Here is a little history of Chelsea Piers to help put this photo from 1912 in perspective. According to ChelseaPiers.com, Chelsea Piers opened in 1910 with a lot of "back-patting" after 8 years of construction and 30 years of talk. It's good to know things haven't changed much.

Chelsea Piers served as the city's premiere passenger ship terminal for about 50 years before adding cargo ships to its resume in the late 1950's. The Titanic was supposed arrive at Chelsea Piers on April 16, 1912 before the ship sank two days earlier.

Chelsea Piers Management started construction on a sports and entertainment complex at Chelsea Piers in 1994 and began opening it up in stages starting in August of 1995. The $100 million project transformed Chelsea Piers into its current-day public recreation location.

Chelsea Piers NYC, 1912

Photo Credit: imgur