New York City police officers and firefighters got into a brawl at a charity hockey game on Long Island.

During the game at Nassau Coliseum, both benches cleared and the two sides began fighting.  It happened during the second period of the game, with the game tied 3 to 3.

One police officer told the New York Post, "It was reminiscent of the old time Rangers-Flyers games in the mid 70's."

The officer said he has been coming to the game for 20 years and has never seen a bench clearing brawl before.

The fight led to a 25 minute delay in the game, as the referees penalized and ejected some of the players.

No one appeared to be seriously injured.

Neither the NYPD or FDNY would comment about the incident after the game.

The NYPD won the game 8 to 5.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images