(Rebecca Fishbein) Now that 1 World Trade has its spire, the city's gearing up for the building's opening next year, and it looks like security around it is going to be tight; the NYPD just unveiled its security plan for the area surrounding the World Trade Center, and they're creating an intense, fortress-like barrier to keep cars at bay.

The NYPD's proposal, which would cost about $40 million to implement, calls for a 16-acre security perimeter that would include guard booths, checkpoints, vehicle barricades and other barriers that would stand between the World Trade Center and the general public. And unsurprisingly, building an ostensible NYPD moat around the WTC has stirred up some controversy. Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to access the area easily, but cars will be cut off from Greenwich and Fulton Streets. Area residents had hoped those thoroughfares, which had been cut off by the Twin Towers, would stay open, symbolically and physically connecting the World Trade Center to the rest of the city.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images