Peter King joined “The John Gambling Show” on WOR 710 Thursday morning to discuss the latest developments in the Boston Marathon bombing case. Three more suspects were arrested this week for events following the actual bombings. Two of the three suspects are being charged with obstruction of justice and the third suspect is being charged with lying to investigators.

King talked with John Gambling about the press conference held by the lawyers of the three suspects. Like many people, King is not buying the new suspects' excuses. "It just doesn't add up," King told John. "Why would he (Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) trust them to do all this unless they had some kind of relationship or understanding about what was going to happen?" 

King goes on to say, "One of the defendants just casually notes (in the affidavit) that the younger brother had told him a few months before that he had learned how to make a bomb. Not the usual talk among college students.”

The conversation turned to the failure of authorities to keep track of the suspects in the Boston bombing. King cited political correctness as part of the problem. "There's still a political correctness that slows down the investigation," King said. The congressman went on to argue that the FBI never once went to Tamerlan Tsarnaev's mosque or imam.

Listen to John Gambling's interview with Congressman Peter King below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images