The Sergeant Benevolent Association is taking on Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The union is warning that de Blasio is threatening to take the city “backward to the bad old days of high crime, danger-infested public spaces and families that walk our streets worried for their safety.”

Union President Ed Mullins urged the Democratic National Committee not to bring the 2016 convention to Brooklyn, saying Mayor de Blasio hasn’t earned the right to host such an important event.

A letter was sent to the DNC and ads were taken out in the local newspapers.

“It’s fear mongering to try and benefit their own position in labor talks and that’s just not responsible,” Mayor de Blasio said.

Mullins argued that shootings are up and officer morale is down.  He also accused de Blasio of throwing police under the bus to appease supporters.

De Blasio said despite the claims, murders and overall crime is down in New York City.

“We’re the safest big city in America because we have the finest police force in America.  I’ve said it many times,” he said.


Photo Credit:  Getty Images