It turns out Mayor Bloomberg was very generous with his own money during his 12 years in office. According to an analysis by the New York Times, not only did Bloomberg reject the salary that comes with being mayor of NYC in favor of earning just $1 a year, but Bloomberg has shelled out at least $650 million of his own money over the last 12 years.

Spending on everything from bonuses, charitable donations, political campaigns, and more the NY Times admits that the $650 number is likely on the low side.

Among the expenses that came out of Bloomberg's pockets were for the weekly cleaning of his fish tanks in City Hall, which cost over $62,000 and roughly $6 million to travel along with his aides by private plane.

Bloomberg also reportedly spent $268 million of his own money into his three mayoral campaigns along with $23 million in campaign donations and $263 million to various arts, health, cultural, and civic groups in New York.

Photo Credit: Getty Images