After a 16 year old climbed to the top of One World Trade Center, a new report says there are no working cameras inside the building.

The video system "won't be operational until the building opens later this year," a source told the New York Post.

16 year old Justin Casquejo slipped through a small hole in a fence at the site early Sunday morning.  He climbed scaffolding to the sixth floor, took an elevator to the 88th floor and then climbed to the 104th floor.

In the process, he got past a security guard who was reportedly sleeping.  The teen was finally stopped by a worker who called police.

The Port Authority wouldn't go into details about its video system.

"The deployment of the hardware is confidential," a spokesman for the agency said.

Casquejo was charged with misdemeanor trespassing.  Friends described him as an "adrenaline junkie."

The stunt has raised questions about security at the World Trade Center site.

"Obviously it's shocking and troubling and I don't know how it possibly could have happened," said Mayor Bill de Blasio.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images