(Christopher Robbins) The NYPD's manipulation and suppression of crime statistics has been thoroughly substantiated, and yesterday an independent committee released a report that reveals serious flaws with the NYPD's system of cataloguing crime. The report [PDF], written by three former federal prosecutors, provides insight into how numbers and complaints are twisted to benefit cops and their superiors, which in turn affects the crime numbers touted by public officials at press conferences. "A close review of the NYPD's statistics and analysis demonstrate that the misclassifications of reports may have an appreciable effect on certain reported crime rates," the report states.

Crimes most susceptible to downgrading usually involve stolen property. The report states that larcenies are downgraded to "lost property," and robberies are downgraded to larcenies as the police "failed to accurately reflect the element necessary to escalate the crime from a larceny to a robbery, such as the forcible nature of the taking or the multiple perpetrators."

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