(Lauren Evans) A Boston-based reporter is suing the city and NYPD for illegally beating and threatening him as he attempted to cover Occupy Wall Street in September of 2012.

Boston Phoenix reporter Chris Faraone, who was raised in Queens, filed a lawsuit against the city, the NYPD and several unidentified cops on Tuesday on the basis that he was "violently forced" to the ground by ten police officers on September 17th, as the result of lawfully "photographing, observing and investigating” a demonstration at One Chase Manhattan Plaza, the Daily News reports.

Faraone alleges also that he identified himself as a journalist, even showing officers his press credentials and I.D. as he was arrested. He claims to have been denied access to an attorney, and was "directed and/or threatened by the defendants to cease his journalism/reporting activities in the City of New York," Courthouse News reports.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images