While fellow Democratic candidates have mostly stayed away from criticizing Anthony Weiner over his sexting scandal that forced him to resign two years ago from Congress, Republican candidate Joe Lhota wasn't so kind. After a Marist College/NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showed Weiner in the lead among Democratic candidates for mayor, Lhota fought back saying, “It’s up to us to stop him.”

The New York Daily News reports that the former head of the MTA was highly critical of Weiner's past in an attempt to raise funds for his campaign. “Like me, I’m sure that you had hoped to have seen the last of Anthony Weiner when he resigned from Congress following an illicit sexual Twitter scandal and botched coverup, but he’s back and desperate for political redemption,” Lhota wrote according to the Daily News.

Outside of Governor Andrew Cuomo saying "shame on us" a few weeks ago in response to the idea of New Yorkers electing Weiner as mayor, political rivals have stayed relatively quiet on Weiner's past scandal. Obviously, it seems like Lhota isn't planning on taking as standoffish of an approach if the race for mayor comes down to himself and Weiner.

Photo Credit: Getty Images