Officials at Wantagh High School have introduced a series of strict new rules, following a series of bomb threats.

Backpacks are now banned at the school, forcing students to carry their books in plastic bags.  On Friday, students had to clean out their lockers so they could be sealed for the remainder of the school year.  A number of restrooms have also been closed.

"I think it's a little extreme," Robert English, the father of a high school senior told Newsday.  "But I don't mind it because if something were to happen, I'd hold them liable.  I'd be down there screaming."

In the most recent threat, a bomb warning was written on the wall of a boys bathroom.

Initially, school officials also closed every restroom, except one for boys and one for girls.  They also required students to sign in.  Since then though, they have opened a second set of bathrooms for boys and girls.


Source:  Newsday

Photo Credit: Getty Images