The number of shootings have spiked this year, jumping by 43 percent last month compared to a year ago. 

NYPD statistics show that since the beginning of the year, shootings are up by 13 percent.  At the same time, the number of guns recovered has dropped by 10 percent.

Critics say it's a result of the stop and frisk program being reformed.

"Under [former NYPD Commissioner Ray] Kelly, we went after guns on the street," a source told the New York Post.  "We stopped the guys in the precincts who we knew were criminals and took guns off them."

The source added, "We are a reactive police force now.  We react to violence before going out and trying to stop it before it happens."

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton admitted that shootings have increased, but argued that the numbers remain relatively low.

"We see an increase in shootings at the moment," Bratton said.  "But I'm comfortable that we're aware of where they are happening, why they're happening, who is doing it."

Bratton also pointed to the city's decline in homicides this year.


Source:  New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images