The Statue of Liberty will be reopening July 4, more than six months after Hurricane Sandy flooded Liberty Island, badly damaging the popular tourist location. Tickets went on sale Wednesday and are available online at

Despite Lady Liberty herself getting through Hurricane Sandy generally intact, the island suffered damage to its electrical systems and structure. In January Congress approved $59 million to help repair Liberty Island.

Despite the good news, there is some controversy surrounding the July 4 opening of Liberty Island. The NY Daily News reports that the NYPD has objections with the way the National Park Service plans to screen visitors.

The plan is for visitors to be screened at Ellis Island before going through a second checkpoint inside the base of the Statue of Liberty. Previously visitors went through screening stations at Battery Park or Liberty State Park before boarding the ferry.

You can buy tickets and get more information on the July 4 reopening of the Statue of Liberty here.

Photo Credit: Getty Images